Urban Bicycle, European City Bike (ECB). It is designed to move freely around the city, avoiding traffic and stress. With a sportive or classic design, it satisfies every need of style: it is customizable with bags and/or baskets and with objects that meet every whim.

Available in various shapes, materials, colours and heights, for men or for women, they are a breath of fresh air in the city.


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(Often abbreviated as MTB). It is a bicycle designed to move even off asphalt roads. It stands out, thanks to the possibility of amortizing suspension which is projected for off-road, but that’s not all: the Mountain Bike tires are much wider and dwelled, perfect for extreme sport and easy to ride inside and outside the city. With us you can satisfy every need, whether it is a starting passion or not. We can help you and advise you according to your choice of budget and gadgets.


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The most singular element is the elegant wand brake, one of the first braking devices, and currently present on some classic and vintage bicycles. They are our pride, distinguished from other models for their elegance, personality, value, manufacture and scrupulous details.

The most representative one is undoubtedly the Umberto Dei, with which Scali Bruno has been maintaining a relationship as a concessionaire for over 50 years. No less important are other brands like Ganna, Bianchi or Atala. In Scali Bruno you will fall in love with these classic bicycles, browsing through the various models, colours and companies that we personally select.


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Because comfort goes hand in hand with beauty. Robust and elegant, suitable for carrying large loads in total safety and stability. With three wheels, there is no danger of losing balance or falling, therefore it is perfect for any type of amateur cyclist. Designed to achieve maximum performance with minimum effort, the tricycle can also be electric, thus combining convenience with pedal assist. This vehicle is a real gem!


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The racing bicycle is a type of bicycle designed for road cycling, according to the rules established by the International Cycling Union (UCI). Like other types of bikes, racing bikes have evolved over time, becoming today veritable jewels of technology. It is appreciated for its characteristics of lightness, fluency and speed both by competitive runners and simple amateurs. We have been collaborating with Bianchi’s Brand for years, which ensures professionalism and reliability, guaranteeing great service to each and every bicycle.


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It’s not a racing bike. It’s not a city bike. It is a fusion of both. The Queen for those who like having a versatile and flowing means of transport.

Perfect for long bike trips, pedal riding, or cycling with speed and lightness. It is suitable both for those who love racing bicycles with no commitment, and for those who love city bikes but opt for a more elegant and sporty line.

Scali Bruno has always loved to offer the great quality of these bikes. Do not hesitate to discover our models and our proposals!


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A bike in which human propulsion is combined with an electric motor. It has no polluting emissions and ensures several tens of km of autonomy using engine assistance.

We call them “pedal-assisted bicycles” because the pedalling effort is actually non-existent or reduced to the minimum, while continuing to maintain the benefit of a light and continuous movement on the pedals.

The E-Bike’s world ranges from light and versatile city bike models, suitable for cruising around the city, to the E-Bike Mountain, suitable for off-roads, as well as many others.


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Inspired by the traditional Dutch frame model since the beginning of the 20th century. Built to last over time, it is the most economic and efficient solution for riding!

Scali Bruno offers you a wide choice of models and colours to satisfy every taste. Directly produced by Italian artisans!


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The folding bike has made History as the most versatile and useful bicycle for all ages and needs. Starting from the legendary Graziella, this type of bicycle is timeless and perfect to anyone.

Scali Bruno proposes new models and colours true to the original, a real protagonist of the two-wheel world.


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The legendary Bicycle Moto X (Cross), born in 1968 in the United States, is a symbol of extreme freestyle sports on two wheels. A dynamic light bicycle with big personality dedicated to those who share these characteristics and want to express themselves.


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An old and innovative vehicle: the Tandem, a type of bicycle on which two people can pedal one behind the other. You got it right! It is a “bi-seat” bicycle to fully enjoy a walk with friends! Simple to use to get the most fun with half the effort.

An unmissable opportunity to share the joys of a ride!


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Renting a bike is not just about using a means of transport. It can change your holiday: the quality and comfort of your trip are essential to fully enjoy the world. Scali Bruno knows this very well, thanks to almost a century of experience. We can offer a rental for everyone ensuring the highest quality, and we can also give you the opportunity to rent before arriving in our store, avoiding a boring search on the territory.